The Company - Ferencz Racing Technology

The company FRT – Ferencz Racing Technology was established in 1989 in Košice, Slovakia. The production of the company at the beginning was based upon the correct short-run production of the engineering parts, the manufacturing and the maintenance of the engines and technologies and at least the custom manufacturing of the parts for motorsport and for the construction of the racing cars.

The development of the personal and technologic equipment of the company had headed to the development, the manufacturing, the adjustment and the servicing of the suspensions (Shock absorbers, Suspensions, Dämpfer) FRT and other major makers Öhlins, Sachs, Penske, Boss, Reiger, Donerre, Proflex, Fox, King... , used in many motorsport events of Dakar series, CCR-Crosscountry rally, Rally, Okruhy-circuit, Octavia Cup, Kopce-Hillclimb and in many others.

The development, the construction and the mounting of the products is centralized in Košice workshop with the minimum of external cooperations, what enables us to keep high flexibility in the development-construction-manufacturing-mounting-testing-racing-servising-supporting process. It is also help us to shorten the time and cost demands necessary in the suspensions optimalization process.

The FRT Company become the authorized dealer of the for Slovak republic in 2007.

The world major maker materials used in manufacturing of our products:

  • Engineering steel parts – Böhler-Udeholm
  • Aluminum alloy – Alcan Aluminium
  • Sealing rings – Trelleborg
  • Oil – Silkolene, Fuchs

The technical-engineering support:

  • The preparing of the works documentation according customer´s design or orders, the engineering drawings of the nodes;
  • The transposing (the redrawing) of the older documentation to 2D or 3D modus to the electronic form and drawing of the documentation of the issue in fact
  • The construction development and the manufacturing of the prototypes for the repetitive and series production;
  • The construction development and the manufacturing of the manipulators a handling devices with electric and pneumatic driving mechanism;
  • The construction, the manufacturing, supplement of the specific devices or products in short- run or particular small series according individual customers specifications;
  • The preparation of the technical documentation in NC programs.
  • All our products are tested on measurement devices Carl Zeiss in cooperation with Technical University Košice

We are look forward to all new cooperation with all teams, drivers and we understand it like the challenge of the gaining new success in racing sport. It makes us ready to improve our products for new opportunities to get new wins of our customers.