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Ferencz Racing Technology


It regulates the magnitude of the force when extending the damper.

Low speed

Regulation of the magnitude of the slow damping force when depressing the damper. Adjustment with a screwdriver.

High speed

Regulation of the magnitude of the force of rapid (impact) attenuation when pressing the damper. Control with open-end wrench S = 18.

Activ rebound

It allows an active change in the size of the shock absorber's expansion depending on whether the shock absorber is loaded or not, which has the effect of shortening the shock absorber's expansion time and thus improves tire contact with the terrain, resulting in improved traction during vehicle acceleration and braking.

Progresive damping system

It increases the efficiency of the shock absorber at its maximum compression and thus reduces the negative forces acting on the vehicle in extreme impacts.

Hydraulic rebound brake

It increases the efficiency of the shock absorber before its maximum expansion and thus reduces the impact on the suspension of the wheels and the shock absorber.

Rotation Spring Seat

Prevents the formation of negative forces when compressing the spring (spring torsion) which affects the service life and designed force of the spring.

Anti roll system

Dual rate spring

Allows you to change the characteristics of the spring assembly.

Needle bearing spring seat