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Basic division

FRT 40

Rally, S1600, R3, N1, N2, Circuits, Hills, Sports shock absorbers

FRT 45

Rally, S2000, S1600, N4, Rallycross, Autocross

FRT 55

Dakar Series, Baja Championship, CCR-Cross Country Rally

FRT 65

Dakar Series, Baja Championship, CCR-Cross Country Rally


Shock absorbers FRT 55, FRT 65 adapted for CAN AM


Shock absorbers suitable for heavy vehicles and special heavy equipment


Product specification

The products are divided according to the size of the diameter of the shock absorber piston and their use in various motorsport disciplines. FRT dampers are monotube gas-liquid dampers with the possibility of regulation , Anti roll . We set , Anti roll with external setting elements.

Modify the rebound with the adjusting wheel or the screw located in the eye of the piston rod. These setting options allow us to change the damping force quickly and comfortably suiting the properties of the track and weather (dry, wet ...)

Other settings are made inside the dumper by changing the basic characteristic.

To be successful in extreme conditions of motorsport the development of FRT shock absorbers has been focused on qualities such as:

  • GOOD STABILITY AND GRIP OF THE VEHICLE - is achieved with correctly designed hydraulic system without cavitation and gas contamination.
  • LOW FRICTION - sliding elements are made from low friction coefficient materials as PTFE, VITON, DLC and lubricants with nano technology, which binds tightly with metallic materials.
  • HIGH HEAT RESISTANCE - use of oils with stable thermal viscosity and control elements that reacts to changes in its temperature and viscosity.
  • LOw WEIGHT – is achieved with the correct construction of the shock absorber, strength calculations, high-strength materials and years of experience.
  • CORROSION RESISTANCE - use of most modern surface treatment.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE – is achieved with precise construction of the damper, mounting elements and experienced service mechanics.